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About Us

RequestResults runs nationwide internet campaigns matching consumers looking for specialized information to qualified professionals, quickly and securely.

We processes thousands of requests daily through promotions found on websites, local newspapers, and search engines.

Founded in January of 2007 by Dylan Trent and Gregory Defouw, RequestResults got it's start in the Real Estate and Mortgage lead generation vertical.  Since then, the company has expanded it's capabilities and categories to include Insurance, Home Improvement, Child Care and Payday Loans. 

The success of the internal marketing and the maturing of these categories has led to two acquisitions in the Home Improvement space.  Both and have been aquired by Reply! inc. 

With the success of our in house skilled PPC management and traffic acquisition strategies, we recently began offering out our expert Google Adwords management to select clients.  We are now expanding that offering and are beginning to work with local business owners to help them grow their online presence and ultimately generate more business for them through Google Adwords.  You can learn more about Google Adwords here.

Properties Owned By RequestResults LLC - Verified Real Estate Leads for Realtors.  Launched in 2016 as our best of breed platform providing verified leads via our proprietary "Trifecta" lead verification process.  Now over 5000 Realtors strong and growing fast. - Homeowner Leads for Contractors.  Launched in 2015 and actively growing. - Real Estate Leads for Realtors.  With an agent base of over 6000 nationwide Real Estate Agents, InboxRealEstateLeads is a leader in this niche.  In operation since July of 2011, we have matched over 100,000 consumers with local Real Estate Agents. - Painting Leads for Painting Contractors.  With a customer base of nearly 4,000 Painting Contractors, is a leader in this niche.  In operation since June of 2008, we have matched over 22,000 consumers with professional local painters.

** has been acquired by Reply! Inc. as of August 2012. - Roofing Leads for Roofing Contractors.  With a customer base of nearly 2600 Roofing Contractors, is a leader in this niche.  In operation since June of 2009, we have matched over 8,000 consumers with professional local roofers.

** has been acquired by Reply! Inc. as of January 2011. - Find local foreclosures by zip code.  Fast, Free search. - Get Auto, Motorcycle, Health, Business, Life and Home Insurance quotes. - Get fast, free health insurance quotes. - Find the best rates on Auto Insurance.  Just enter your zip! - Get advice and guidance for Senior Care needs. - Get 3 free estimates for interior or exterior house painting. - Find local house cleaners - Get free home siding quotes. - Get free home window quotes.


Tip of the Day
Buying internet leads can be a daunting task. If you are currently buying leads from one or more lead vendors, you know that they share leads and many sell them as many as 4 times. Is it really worth your time to have to prospect leads that have such dismal closing rates? What if all of your leads were exclusive to only you, and you had a say in what information you needed to collect from consumers to tailor your pitch? Do you think that might skyrocket your sales? We say ABSOLUTELY!
June 13, 2017 now over 5000 Realtors strong! Our proprietary "Trifecta" lead verification process successfully weeds out 80% of the lead flow to find the real clients Agents should be working with. The system is highly effective and agents are raving about the quality of leads and seeing real success with them.
March 16, 2015
RequestResults is proud to announce a new partnership with The partnership further strengthens our consumer engagement by providing our visitors with the option to receive free moving quotes.
March 16, 2015 now over 6000 members strong and continuing to provide real estate leads at affordable prices! Our unlimited lead program with exclusive zip code ownership has been getting rave reviews.
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